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What is a project goal?

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A project goal describes the projects impact: the long-term effects that should (also) be triggered. The words “The project will contribute to…” are often used here. This reveals that the intended results at this higher level are in the main not concrete, nor can they be exclusively attributed to this project. The project goal provides the link between the project and its direct effects (project objective), and the overarching goals both within and outside the organisation.

A well-formulated project goal

  • Provides a concrete description of the project’s effects at the impact level;
  • Provides the link between the project (the project objective) to the overarching goals.


  • Child health programme
    It contributes to reducing child mortality in the country.
  • Health training project
    It contributes to improving child health in the poorest parts of the country.
  • Education programme
    A better level of education in the communities contributes to lowering poverty.
  • Empowerment project
    It contributes to improving living standards of socially and economically disadvantaged people.
  • Project to support farmers’ organisations
    It contributes to improving the economic situation of the rural population.