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Simple Logic Model

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The Logic Model is a simple and widespread form of illustrating a results model. It depicts how a project is to function in the form of a linear chain of cause and effect. The illustration does usually not include external factors.

Example of a health course


This model forms a good basis for monitoring and assessing the outcomes of simple projects in situations of low complexity.

Simple illustrationReduces cause and effect to a linear chain
Focus on the project’s core elementsDoes not take account of external factors
Good basis for impact assessmentThe process of change is not visible
Widely usedRisk of tunnel vision

Do not confuse ‘Logic Model’ with ‘Logframe’. The ‘Logic Model’ is an important part of the widely used Logical Framework Approach. It is the basis for the Logical Framework Matrix, known as ‘Logframe’, but ‘Logic Model’ should not be equated with ‘Logframe’. Firstly, a Logframe contains more information than a pure Logic Model and secondly, far more complex and not strictly linear results models should be used to produce a Logframe. Cf. overview of the Logical Framework Approach.