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Expanded Logic Model

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Simple Logic Model often does not allow one to visualise the effects of more complex projects or entire programmes. It must be expanded when several activities lead to the same output. It can also be organised as several interlinking steps. This kind of expanded Logic Model is often used in practice.

Example of a child health programme


This model is well suited as a basis for assessing the outcomes of simple programmes or detailed projects.

Relations between problems can be simply illustrated
Focus on central elementsDoes not take account of external factors
Good basis for impact assessmentThe process of change is not visible
Widely usedRisk of tunnel vision

Further examples

The two examples of health courses and child health programme are also Logic Models, even though they have a higher degree of detail. In particular, they allow for several outputs and outcomes per results strand. It should also be noted that the outcome of a project may be an outcome from the perspective of a higher programme, just as an impact of a project may be an outcome of a programme.