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Impact assessment

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Outcome and Impact Assessment in International Development

These guidelines are designed to help project managers to assess the outcomes of their projects and programmes. They demonstrate how development agencies can implement an appropriate outcome and impact assessment system.

This 6-step guide explains how outcome and impact assessment can be integrated into the project management cycle. Several steps that are decisive for outcome and impact assessment need to be considered as early as the planning stage. The whole cycle lasts between three and five years – and even longer in the case of larger projects. The various stages may be gone through several times during the project cycle.

Definitions and some introductory explanations can be found in the sections Key terms and What is impact assessment for?. The guidelines also address the overarching goals of international development cooperation, as well as Organisational preconditions and Limitations on impact assessment.

The main methods are presented in a clear fashion in the chapter on Resources, which also contains some useful links on the subject.