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What are you looking for?

For whom?

The organisation and other direct stakeholders use the results of the outcome and impact assessment. All levels of staff should find out what effect the outputs have had, and to what extent the set objectives have been achieved.


The organisation is searching for ways to optimise its action and wants to know whether it is doing things properly. It improves its performance by putting findings from the impact assessment into practice in its work. Impact assessment forms the basis of institutional learning and encourages a results-based approach at all levels of the organisation.


Things are studied close-up. It is generally only a specific part of the results chain that is examined. A desire to change is crucial. The findings must be understood and accepted. The willingness to implement change is increased if participants deal with the results on a step-by-step basis. Scheduled ‘learning events’ promote learning, and the lesson learnt can therefore be processed and disseminated.

By whom?

The impact assessment can be carried out by the participants themselves. It requires a good knowledge of specific measures and short information paths.