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SEVAL Evaluation Standards

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The Swiss Evaluation Society (SEVAL) is a multidisciplinary organisation that actively engages in improving the quality of evaluation and its diffusion. The Swiss Evaluation Society’s goal is to foster the exchange of information and experience in the field of evaluation between politics, administration, academia, NGOs and the private sector. SEVAL’s evaluation standards are meant to contribute to the professionalization of evaluation in Switzerland. They define the quality requirements for evaluations and are addressed to both evaluators and those commissioning evaluations. The guidelines are for evaluations of all kinds, with the exception of personal appraisals. They are divided into four subject groups. The utility standards ensure that the evaluation is oriented towards the information needs of its intended users. The feasibility standards ensure that an evaluation is conducted in a realistic, well-planned, diplomatic and cost-conscious manner. The propriety standards ensure that an evaluation is conducted in a legal and ethical manner and that the welfare of the stakeholders is given due attention. Lastly, the accuracy standards ensure that an evaluation produces and disseminates valid and usable information.